Emerson Bearing Boston, known for its large bearing inventory and 24/7 expedited service to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) customers around the world, recently launched a dedicated marine spare parts department to meet the needs of the port and ship spare parts industries.


With an expanding customer base, Emerson Bearing Boston serves commercial shipping and fishing vessel customers in New England and beyond, including many domestic and international customers including Guam Shipyard.


Emerson bearing marketing specialist Joe Falvey leads the division. Falvey helps customers determine which bearing technologies are most appropriate by considering the bearing's specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance as relevant to the application.


The marine spare parts industry and port management require continuous “uptime” from bearings as they are found in 24/7 operating environments, whether on drive shafts, overhead cranes or forklifts. Emerson Bearings offers special solutions including split roller bearings that allow for quick bearing replacement, especially in hard-to-access locations such as drive shafts. For pulleys, cranes and tensioner sets, Emerson Bearing recommends SL pulley bearings, which offer extremely high dynamic and static load ratings and feature rubber seals to prevent water and dust intrusion.


Emerson Bearing's related products for the marine spare parts industry include pulley bearings, split spherical roller bearings, process split bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, blade chains, V-belts, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, oil seals and Isolation seal, etc.

पोस्ट की तारीख:2024-04-22